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St. Paul's, Calliaqua,
175 years 1840-2015 
2016 Calendar Photos
175 Years Anniversary1840-2015! We Remember, Renew, Reach Out
High Altar
East View
Celebrating the Feast of Title
Palm Sunday
The Word of the Lord
Sexton Gideon prepares for Mass
Altar Servers during street procession
Canon O. Samuel Nichols and Clergy during street procession
Sadie worshipping in song
Stained Glass Windows
St. John.  Belair
175 Years Anniversary 1840-2015!  We Remember, Renew. Reach out
Photos taken by Erica McIntosh.
Dear Parishioners of St. Paul's and St. John's,

Congratulations on celebrating 175 years from 1840 through 2015. I am currently a resident of New Jersey in the United States.  While in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, my family resided in Calliaqua and Ratho-Mill, and I attended St. Paul's during the 1950's and 1960's.  I am so proud of the condition of the parish at this time.  As a part of the 175th Anniversary celebration, I obtained copies of the Anniversary Magazine and Calendar from The Reverend Canon O Samuel Nichols, and I was absolutely impressed.

Everyone should obtain copies of the Anniversary Magazine and Calendar from St. Paul's parish church office.  The celebrations booklets and calendars were made available in November 2015.  The sale of the  175 Anniversary Magazine – $20.00, and the 2016 Calendar  - $15.00, in case you are interested.  Below are some extracts from the Anniversary Calendar.  

Artie Phills - Website Editor
Remember, Renew, Reach Out
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