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Members' Appreciation Sunday

Members' Appreciation Sunday is a very special occasion.  It is a special time of the year set aside for expressing appreciation to members of St. Paul's and St. John's.  
This page was last updated on: January 11, 2021
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From: Searchlight
Staff Reporter 06.JUL.07

Anglicans pay tribute to longstanding members

Beatrice Noel was baptized, confirmed and married at St. Paul's Church, she is now a member of St. John's at Belair. Here she receives her award from Governor-General Sir Frederick Ballantyne. 

It is said that showing appreciation makes what is excellent in others one's own as well. That being the case, the members of the Anglican parish of St. Paul's Calliaqua with St. John's Belair have been bestowed with good, four times over.

Last Sunday, July 1, close to 400 parishioners and well wishers gathered at St. Paul's Church in Calliaqua to pay tribute to four church members who together have given over three centuries of service to God and the church.

Lewistina Farrell, originally from Calder, is a member of St. John's church at Belair. Now 95 years old, Lewistina is described as a person who loves the Lord and his church, and was until 1999, an active member of the choir. According to Joyce Haynes, who read the citation, Lewistina's generosity to the church and members of her community is legendary. This church stalwart presently resides at the Thompson home in Kingstown. She was escorted by two of her granddaughters to receive her award from Governor-General Sir Frederick Ballantyne.

Noted seamstress and Mothers' Union member Aleatha Goodluck of Calliaqua, was the second person to be honoured. Born in 1922, Aleatha was confirmed at St. Paul's in 1932 is noted for her perfect attendance at mass, and her membership in the choir where she sang soprano. Aleatha, a mother of seven, used her sewing skills to make linen for the altar and robes for acolytes. Her dedication to the Mothers' Union, into which she was enrolled at age 23, was noted. Aleatha celebrates 62 years as a member of this church organization this year. She was escorted by her son Dr. Michael Goodluck and a grandson.

Eighty one-year-old Inez Mandeville, though baptized Methodist, converted to Anglicanism when she was adopted by a cousin as a small child. She was confirmed at St. Paul's and during her active years, was described as a pillar of St. Paul's church. She read lessons at Sunday mass and assisted with polishing the brass and general cleaning of the church. Inez was for many years, a member of both the Parochial Church Council and the Island Church Council, and was the initiator of the Easter and Independence fund raising events. Her award was received by her daughter Alice, as Inez was unable to attend because of ill health.

Although Beatrice Noel was baptized, confirmed and married at St. Paul's church, she is now a member of St. John's at Belair. This active 77-year-old also has the distinction of having been a member of many other Anglican churches around the island as she lived in several villages as she moved from district to district with her husband Clement who was a primary school headteacher. Being a teacher herself, Beatrice's greatest contribution is said to have been to the education of generations of women in the area of Home Economics. 

Described as an extremely sociable person, Beatrice's contribution to the Sunday School at Belair was described by Angela Martin as being invaluable. According to Martin, even when she is weighed down by trials, Beatrice never loses faith and is fervent in prayer and worship. She was escorted by her son Ron and agranddaughter.

Appreciation Sunday was held for the 5th consecutive year in commemoration of the appointment of Rev Dr. Sylvanus Regisford as Rector of the parish. Following the church service, the congregation was treated to a sumptuous brunch at the Parish Hall. 
Appreciation Sunday Past Honourees

As part of our ongoing program, four members are honoured each year, on our Appreciation Sunday, for their dedication and devotion to the congregation.
The First Celebration of Members Appreciation Sunday. St.Paul's Calliaqua with St.John's Belair S.V.G. started on July 6, 2003, but there were no honorees in 2003.

Past Honourees are as follows:


Eric McIntosh Alexander (deceased) (St. Paul's)
Marie Prince ( St. Paul's)
Eleazar Augustus Ross (St. John's)
Withfield Bess ( St. John's)


Gwendolyn Eileen Viola Jack ( St. Paul's)
Reverend Canon A. Hoskins Huggins (St. Paul's)
Owen Hope (St. John's)
Ruth Joyce Haynes (St John's)


Verdine Evelyn Minita Gurley (deceased) (St. Paul's)
Edna E. Dougan (St. Paul's)
Azucena del Carmen Williams ( St. John's)
Lois Alexander Williams (St. John's)


Inez Mandeville (St. Paul's)
Aleatha Goodluck (St. Paul's)
Beatrice Noel (St. John's)
Lewistina Farrell (St. John's)


Venner Constantine  (St. Paul's)
Cynthia (Mitchie) Huggins  (St. Paul's)
Clement Noel  (St. John's)
Adella (Louise) John  (St. John's)
St. Paul's, Calliaqua, Harvest Sonnet - 2010

I remember Harvest at St. Paul's, Calliaqua, 
Especially in the afternoon, the "Cantata."
Wearing new outfits, dresses, hats, shoes and socks 
Well-pressed with hot-combs would be a girl's locks.
We would quickly run to church when the church bells were rung
To hear poems recited, and beautiful anthems sung.
Processing to the altar we would bear gifts such as eggs in baskets,
Coins pasted on silver-covered card-board stars and food would also be presented.
Decorated with canes, dried corn on the cob and produce so bountiful,
The beautiful church would look just splendid.
For days and days many people would bake
So the sights and smells all around would be of bread, sweet-bread and cake
Home-made ice-cream, fruits, vegetables and sweets
Would soon be bought and devoured as special treats.

Cheryl Phills King.
November 5, 2010

Isabelle E. Matthews - (St. Pauls)
Irene "Sister Rose" Holder - (St. Pauls)
Thelma Simmons Carter - (St. Johns)
Josephine Thomas - (St. Johns)
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