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This page was last updated on: March 25, 2021

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The 5th graduation ceremony of the Calliaqua Anglican School took place at the St. Paul's Anglican Church, Calliaqua, on Thursday, 10th June, 2010 at 9:30 a.m.
It was impressive, positive and very uplifting. 

The Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Douglas
The Invocation was done by Pastor C. Smith
Brief Remarks by the Ministry of Education Representative...Mrs. Walker
Greetings extended by Const. Representative, Hon.Clayton Burgin.
The Principal's Report by Mrs. Yvette Bowen was well-delivered and received.
The featured speaker was Mrs. Patrice Roberts Samuel, Labour Commissioner.
Pat was very inspiring.  She was introduced by Mrs. Marilyn St. Luce.

Joel Toney Awards presented by Ambassador Joel & Dr. Joyce Toney
Most Outstanding Math Student...Moesha Woods
Most Improved in Math...Angelliqua Parris
Most Outstanding in Language Arts...Moesha Woods
Most Improved in Language Arts...Crystal Dasilva
Most Outstanding General Paper...Angelleka Williams
Most Outstanding for Music...Kyla Ottley
Award for Deportment (male)...Tyreese Oliver

Awards presented by Cheryl Phills King
Cheryl Phills King Award for Community Service...Donniques Bailey
Hazeldene Phills Hercules Award...Andreanna St. Luce
Charles and Eloise Walker Phills Award for the student who best exemplifies the ideals of the school.....Moesha Woods

Award presented by the Principal, Mrs. Yvette Bowen
Principal's Award for Most Outstanding Student.....Moesha Woods

The valedictorian was Moesha Woods.
Moesha is the great-grand-daughter of Manda.
Manda is the sister of Dr. Edward Barrow
Congratulations to Moesha, in particular, and family.
The choirs performed well.
Vote of Thanks delivered by Miss Roslyn Marshall.

Congratulations, again, to those who graduated and we wish them all the best in the future.
Congratulations also to the Principal, Mrs. Yvette Bowen, the staff, parents and all who are working so hard to ensure the best for the young people today. We wish Mrs. Merle Bailey good health and hope that she enjoys her retirement!

If you can assist the Calliaqua Anglican School, please contact Mrs. Bernadette Searles, the Teacher in Charge effective September 2016.

Congratulations to Gillian Dougan for her subperb service.  Enjoy your retirement.
Congratulations to Yvette Antoine, former principal of the Calliaqua Anglican School and now the Senior Education Officer for Primary Schools in the Ministry of Education.  We are so happy for her and want to wish her all the best.  The primary schools and education in SVG are in good hands....(Cheryl Phills King)
  Calliaqua Anglican School recieves new look
By admin on 9/22/10 • Categorized as Education

Principal Bowens and students showing off painted school
Thanks to the efforts of Calliaqua resident Richard Cato and the Mavrix Basketball Team, the Calliaqua Anglican School now has a new look.
The group of men took time out of their various Summer Vacation schedules to give the school a new coat of paint.
Principal at the Calliaqua Anglican School Yvette Bowens thanked Cato and his group on Tuesday stating that she is very grateful to the men for coming to the school’s assistance.
“If the Government had to pay to do this I suppose that it would have cost a few thousand dollars”, said Bowens  who added that she was pleasantly surprised to return from Summer Vacation and see the school, “beautifully painted”.
“We had asked Mr. Cato to assist us and he said yes and he did a wonderful job”, stressed Bowens who also thanked the Vincy Homecoming Committee for supplying the 20 gallons of paint needed for the job..
On Tuesday, Cato said that the group is always happy to help when it comes to this sort of project.
2011 School Activities

Nice job by the Calliaqua Anglican School. Calliaqua Anglican School Graduation and Prize-Giving 2011 Thursday, June 9, 2011 9:30 a.m.

Principal Award Most Outstanding Student…Davidson Smith

Charles and Eloise Walker Phills Award -  for the student who best  exemplifies the ideals of the school -  Andre Martin                                                                                                              

Asquith Phills Award - Most Outstanding Math Student…Davidson Smith.  

Hazeldene Phills Hercules Award- Most Improved in Math…Calisha Mayers

Clinton Mc Cree Most Outstanding in Language Arts ..Davidson Smith

Clinton Mc Cree Award- Most Improved in Language Arts . Rickeisha Gordon

Mc Donald Martin Award - Most Outstanding General Paper ...Davidson Smith

Mc Donald  Martin Award  - Most Improved in General Paper...Devonte Ballantyne

Clinton Mc. Cree Esq Award for Music ...Beres Oliver

Cheryl Phills-King Award for Community Service  ...DaChante Bailey

Clinton Mc. Cree Esq Award for Deportment… Tyrone Cuffy

Calliaqua Anglican School Graduation Program - 2012

We got 81% passes and the first for Maths. We came 9th overall and 5th for girls. 
Yvette Antoine  - Principal - The LORD is my Banner

Special Prizes

Principal Award Most Outstanding Student - Brandon Hadaway
Clinton McCree Most Improved Student Overall - Alisha Bacchus
Charles and Eloise Walker Phills Award for the student who best exemplifies the ideals of the school - Joshuana Alexander
Clinton McCree Award for Common Entrance

Subject Awards

Asquith Phills Award - Most Outstanding Math Student - Brandon Hadaway
Hazeldene Phills award -Most Improved Math Student - Alicia Pierre
Hazeldene Phills Hercules Award- Most Outstanding in Music - Akia Glasgow
SVGAC Award - Most Outstanding General Paper Student - Brandon Hadaway
SVGAC Award - Most Improved General Paper Student - Caldrick Williams
Pearson Education Award - Most Outstanding Language Arts - Joshuana Alexander
Irma Dougan Award - Most Improved Language Arts - Kendol Harry
Hendrick Alexander Award -Deportment - Mashere Jackson
Cheryl Phills King Award - Community Service - Kishena King
Clinton McCree Award for Most disci-plined Student - Tia Dzworshie

School Song

Singing of my Alma Mater
Gives me joy I must express
Of my days at Cal-li-a-qua
Days of school fun truly blessed
God has sent his angels o’er us
Guiding all who teach and learn
When life’s road we travel after
Daily bread we’d ever earn
May God guide our Alma Mater
In the future more to do
That generations coming after
Find her faithful ever true
When our nation’s striving onward
Loyal men and women we
In the fight for peace and justice
She will find true hearts indeed.
(Repeat first Verse)
Calliaqua Anglican school 
 60 years Anglican

The Calliaqua Anglican School is celebrating a significant milestone this month. It was in January 1954, 60 years ago, that the school changed from being the Calliaqua Government School to being the Calliaqua Anglican School. This was in exchange for the Belair Anglican School, which then became the Belair Government School.

The Headmaster of the Calliaqua Anglican School in 1954 was Arthur Grant.
The Rector of St Paul’s Anglican Church at that time was Fr Francis Gabriel Ogden. He was a priest from England who ensured that youngsters in the area attended school regularly and received a Christian upbringing. Christian education was added to the curriculum. It is not often that the school gets to celebrate a milestone, especially since I have been told that there is no known official information about when the school started. It is documented that well-known educator, Thomas Webster Clarke, attended the Calliaqua School in 1872 as stated by Sir Rupert John. In his recently republished book "Pioneers in Nation-Building in a Caribbean Mini-State,” on page 81, Sir Rupert John profiles Thomas Webster Clarke. He states: "Son of John and Margaret Clarke of Calliaqua, he was born on 12 June 1867.” On page 82 he states:”At age five, Webster was sent to the Calliaqua Government School to begin his formal education.”

This shows that the school was definitely around in 1872. The school’s many outstanding graduates also include accountants, activists, ambassadors, architects, armed services members/officers, authors, builders, business people, calypsonians, caregivers, chefs, civil servants, community volunteers, contractors, doctors, farmers, fishermen, helpers, hoteliers, housewives, lawyers, managers, members of government, ministers, musicians, nurses, parliamentary representatives, photographers, police officers, politicians, priests, professors, publishers, sailors, scientists, senators, Speaker of the House, Deputy Speaker of the House, sports people, teachers, trade unionists, you name it – some fine, outstanding human beings who have been a credit to the school, the nation and the world. They continue to make the world a better place and give back to society. They play active roles in any community in which they find themselves. They are to be found in leadership positions universally.

The past Rector of St Paul’s, Calliaqua, Canon O. Samuel Nichols, and the past Principal of the Calliaqua Anglican School, Ms Gillian Dougan, are both graduates of the Calliaqua Anglican School.

Congratulations and thanks to the administrators and all who have contributed to such success. May the young people of today be inspired by the accomplishments of those who attended and are associated with this noble institution and may they move forward steadily and positively. May the good work continue.

Cheryl Phills King



Clinton McCree, former pupil, visited the Calliaqua Anglican School on Friday, March 9, 2018.

He currently lives in the United Kingdom.

He addressed the students. A story from the Talmud showing the importance of goodness was told. He went on to say:

(1) You were put here to do good, failing which you will be doomed. There is no mercy or salvation for evil doers.

(2) Having a good education enables you to spot the difference between good and bad in this world.

(3) There are many things you can go on to study and do well: (a) Economics, makes you and your society wealthy. (b) Medicine, makes you and your society healthy.

(c) Law, makes you know how to do things properly.(d) Accounting, is about adding things up honestly. (e) History, is about how to analyse past events and come to an honest conclusion. (f) Philosophy, is the study about the meaning of life---a great study, you can become like Martin Luther King. The list of what you can excel in goes on and on.

(4) The basic principle of Christian Civilization is the foundation of the Christian Faith itself, that is, to "Love thy Neighbour." By doing this, you won't want to kill him or to lie to him or against him. You would not want to steal from him. You would not want to envy him or to bear grudges against him, nor would you do anything to harm or hurt him or her.

Finally, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a tiny nation and as a result "the world is our oyster." Move into the world; stand up in the world. Whatever you do, do your best, do a good job, keep looking on the bright side of life. The sky is your limit-Reach for the stars.

A donation of EC $2,000 was handed over to the Principal of the Calliaqua Anglican School, Mrs Corselle Smith.

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