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This page was last updated on: October 15, 2021

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Proposed Building Projects of the Parish

  1.Re-alignment of Bathrooms  St Paul's and St John's  (Completed)
  2.Tiling of Church Floor  St. Paul's
  3.Completion of work on P. A. System  St. Paul's and St. John's
  4.Overhead Fans for St. Paul's and St. John's
  5.New Pews  St. Paul's and St. John's
  6.New Sacristy Furniture  St. Paul's and St. John's
  7.Stained Glass Window Repair  St. Paul's  (In Progress)
  8.New Parish Hall  St. John's
  9.New Organ  St. John's
10.New Furniture  Parish Hall, St. Paul's
11.Hurricane Shutters  St. Paul's/St John's Rectory
12.New Roof  Parish Hall, St. Paul's
13.Scraping, Pressure Cleaning and repainting of all buildings
14.Piano for Parish Hall, St. Paul's
15.Parking Area Development opposite Parish Hall  St. Paul's  (In Progress)
16.Parking area Development at the eastern end of St. Paul's Church
Everyone is encouraged to contribute to one or more of these projects
email me
Stained Glass Project. 
 We have just completed the work on the window in 2007; and we are pleased with the result.

            The Villagers' Donation            }
            The Phills' Donation                 } all added up to EC$50,000.00 
            General Fund                          }    

We encourage others to donate to shorten the gap between Donations and General Fund. 
Parish Updates- July 2007

Stained Glass Windows:  Work is in progress on the restoration of the stained glass windows in the Sanctuary of St Paul's.  Completion is due later this year.  Members and others are still invited to send in donations so as not to let it be too much of a burden on the church's operating fund.

The flower Guild had its first fundraising event April 22nd when they serenaded a few homes in the vicinity with Easter hymns and choruses.  It was very well received by the patrons who invited them to come again next year.  Funds will be used to establish an enclosed cut-flower garden on the church grounds.  This will also serve to further beautify the church environs.

Disaster Preparedness:  This year it is expected that we will see twelve to seventeen tropical storms or depressions in the area, five to seven of which may become hurricanes.  It is most important to remember where the closest Emergency Centres to you are. Now is a good time to stock up on non-perishable foods, in case of an eventual emergency.  For general information regarding preparedness, please contact Ms. Joye Browne at 457-4128.

Mothers' Union:  The St. Paul's Mothers' Union is seeking to give financial assistance to a young person in the community, while attending secondary school.  In an effort to raise funds they went caroling during the Christmas season and staged a tea party in June.

The Health Guild:  Blood Sugar and Pressure checks continue to be part of the Parish Outreach Programme during the year.  These checks are done quarterly at both Churches.

The Youth Group:  The Parish hosted its second Valentine Dinner and Dance for the young people of both churches.   Minister of Youth, Glen Beache addressed the gathering encouraging them to strive for excellence.  The Youth Group at St. Paul's is now guided by Mrs. Lorna McBarnett who provides various activities in which they can participate.

Week of Mission:  This year's Mission Services were conducted under the theme "Choosing Jesus as Lord and Saviour forsaking false gods" and had a number of persons from different Denominations as Preachers and guest performers.  The week ended with an open-air service conducted by the Anglican Lay Preacher, Frederick Stephenson.  Members of the congregation were involved in the planning and implementation of all the services which were held at both churches.

Parking Lot:  The area for the Parking Lot opposite the Parish Hall, was cleared and will soon be leveled in preparation for the final work to be done.

Mission Extension:  This is one of the major challenges for the Parish in the period ahead.  The Parish has begun discussions on the possibility of establishing a Mission in the Glen and Choppins area to cater for persons in this area and in Harmony Hall area.  Discussions have been initiated with the Cathedral Church on the possibility of sharing a Deacon to assist with this work.

Plant Enhancement:  The St. John's Church has continued to work on enhancing worship at the Church and has installed a New Public Address System, courtesy of a family of the congregation.  Renovation and realignment work was done on the toilets at both Churches.  The improvement work has made the toilets more user-friendly.  Persons wishing to use the facilities can now enter from within the buildings instead of having to walk outside to gain entry.

A number of projects have been identified to be undertaken in the period ahead.  Some of these include installing air-conditioning units, tiling of the Church floor at St. Paul's; completing property surveys at St. Paul's; installing fans at both Churches; acquisition of lands for a Parish Hall at St. John's; and cleaning of sweating walls at St. John's.
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