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This page was last updated on: January 11, 2021
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At the start of the St. Vincent Girls' High school (GHS) centenary celebrations on Sunday, May 9, 2010 , at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Calliaqua.
On Sat, May 8, 2010/Sunday May 9, 2010, all current and past GHS students were asked to wear their school uniforms
or school colours to their various church services.

Some of the St.Paul's Anglican Church, Calliaqua, group consisted of  Lorna Jones McBarnett and Alma Providence Dougan in full GHS outfit  and 
Irma Dougan, Flavia Haynes Howard, Keren Haynes and Cheryl Phills King in navy blue skirts and white tops, Joye Browne, Elma Browne Dougan,and former teacher Marilyn Jones.
Students in uniform: Jonelle Charles, Nikita De Souza and Kristhlyn Jacobs.
Other former GHS students, Sylvia Roberts Sayers, Susan Ryan Dougan and Patricia Prince Martin were present at the church service though not in the pictures.
Quite an impressive count-down to the GHS centennial on May 8, 2011.


Kristhlyn Jacobs, Keren Haynes, Marilyn Williams Jones (former GHS teacher), Jonelle Charles, Nikita De Souza


Alma Providence Dougan, Elma Browne Dougan, Irma Dougan, Joye Browne, Keren Haynes, Kristlyn Jacobs, Marilyn Williams Jones (former GHS teacher)
Flavia Haynes Howard,
Front: Cheryl Phills King
Bending down: Jonelle Charles, Nikita De Souza

Lorna Jones McBarnett

The service was conducted by the Rev. Eustan Ulric Commissiong-Jones.
L-R: Fr. Eustan Ulric Commissiong-Jones, Cheryl Phills King, Irma Dougan, and Alma Providence Dougan.

For more details, visit the Girls' High School Website (NY Alumnae) at:

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