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Hi Folks in the Diaspora,
If you would like to make any comments about St. Paul's or St. John's, please click on the email symbol below and forward your comments to me (the webmaster), and I will place them on the website.

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From: Cheryl (Phills) King - New Jersey, USA (June 2016)

If you wish to sponsor the Church Bulletin, please call  the Church 
Office at 457-5163
Canon Otis Samuel Nichols
Diaconate 29th June, 1995.
Ordination took place at St. George's Cathedral 
by Bishop Sehon Goodridge.
May God continue to pour down his blessings
upon Canon Otis & fam.
If you can assist the Calliaqua Anglican School please contact
the Principal, Ms. Gillian Dougan

Thanks, Clinton McCree.
email me
From Artie Phills - Webmaster - New Jersey, USA (June 2016)

Congratulations to The Venerable Otis Samuel Nichols as he celebrates the 20th Anniversary of his Ordination to the Holy Priesthood on Friday 22nd July, 2016

From Artie Phills - Webmaster - New Jersey, USA (August 2016)

Congratulations once again to The Venerable Otis Samuel Nichols:

From the Bishop’s Desk:

1. Appointment:
The Venerable O. Samuel Nichols has been appointed as Rector and Dean of the Cathedral Parish and Church of St. George, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with effect from 1st September, 2016. The service of Institution, Induction and Installation will be scheduled after the restoration of the Cathedral. 
From Artie Phills - Webmaster - New Jersey, USA (September  2016)

My Dear Fr. Jones,

Congratulation on being the Priest-in-charge at St. Paul's, Calliaqua with St. John's, Belair.   This is a big help to Bishop Friday, and I am sure a great pleasure for you and Marilyn.  I am so happy.

Regards to all,
From: Cheryl (Phills) King - New Jersey, USA (September  2016)

My Dear Fr. Jones,

Thanks for the bulletin and for the information that you are now Priest-in-Charge of St. Paul's and St. John's. We are happy to hear and wish you all the best. 
From: Cheryl (Phills) King - New Jersey, USA (September  2016)

St. Paul's HISTORY:
CONGRATULATIONS:  St. Paul's & Priests connections : Happy September anniversaries etc.
Fr. Brian Gill- Ordination as Priest  29/09/63
Fr. Khari Marcelle Ordination as Priest on Thursday, September 29, 2011.
Mr. Elso Ross ordination to the Holy Order of Deacons on Tuesday 29th September 2015.
We thank them and keep them in our prayers.

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